Saturday, 21 February 2009

Ahh! Saturday!

Great Gregory!?

Not sure I'll find owt as wonderful as this this weekend, it's possibly the greatest distance between the marvelousness of a record sleeve and the shoddiness of the music contained there in! But who cares when you've got Gina!


al_uk said...

Is it sad that of all your pithy, eclectic posts on a whole variety of subjects: many of which are witty and entertaining, often of importance to society, and often relating to those things which are the most important in life....(like just how gorgeous Gina LollaBrigida actually was)it is the ones relating to a rather cliche ridden, minority interest cooking program that get the most response?

BLTP said...

I don't mind really, I do treat me blog partly as a diary really, some where to see my thoughts written down. None of the other diary's I've ever started have lasted as long. I suppose if I kept to one subject people would know what to come back for but I just can't seem to concentrate on one thing for long!
and yes Gina is far lovelier than either Gregg or John!