Thursday, 19 February 2009

Chris, Christopher, Crisis

MC Update: Little Dancing flavours:

I know I’ve been remiss in all this but I’m afraid firing rockets, being daft with my smaller relatives and eating top cakes (see later).

Tonight’s final of the semi finals only had one aim for me that was that someone called would Chris get into the final and Ideally posh backpacker Andy would be slung out with his backpack and rough guides into the veg peelings and fish bones.

The semis have definitely moved onto FOOD, so sending the 4 finalist to restaurants to challenge their skills was good. Having a master class in Japanese food or Poulet bresse would be ace. So lamb was trussed and samphire steamed , sadly one Chris (the Greek Londoner father of two) was a bit out of his depth but came round the others battle against fancy dressings and harsh but fair head chefs.

Back in Masterchef HQ (more which later) they did their own versions of what they’ve learnt and finally enter the critics.....

Charles Campion, Kate Spicer and of course everybody's favourite celeb cyberstalker Jay “I’ve never even set foot in Clapham honest” Rayner.

Timings the thing here and sadly things got away for old Chris and Mat (father of 3) but sadly not smarmy Andy who probably ended a head of the rest with prissy north African fare. Thankfully Christopher’s (youngish no kids yet) Pear Tartin had the critics drooling so he stayed and Mat’s dream of family fish restaurant continues.

It's a Mash Up:
Tonight was mash-tastic with it being served 4 or 5 times. It’s strange how mash has come back into fashion. As a kid it was just mash we never really had bangers and mash in the way it’s big thing now, it was always sausage bean and chips in our house. Now a days it almost a religion back then it was what you had for tea.

PS: Is a Masterchef Family Guy mash up anyone elses idea of Tv heaven?..

he eats like a Welshman don't you think he eats like Welshman...

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