Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Article of the Day

Read This:
I must admit I don't always like George Monbiot's writing mainly because he comes over like the short of bloke who you'd dread to get caught in a corner with at a party, as he'd just go on and on. He seems a tad joyless and worthy, the sort who'd berate you for type of Humous you buy.

But fairs fair his piece in reply to Hazel Blears' recent crowing is a fine example of a journalistic shoeing. Blears called him out and has got a right royal pasting with a straightforward weapon : The plain facts of her voting record.

I almost felt sorry for her at the end as blow after blow fell. The shame is she's the sort priggish politician who won't notice this sort of thing and has motored through life with no self doubt or nere a sideways looks.

I'm not sure I'd want to live in a country where George was in charge but we will always need people like him to keep us honest


Cocktails said...

George Monbiot is one of my favourite rent-an-opinions and this is a great piece of writing.

I've seen him speak before and thought he came across really well, definitely not joyless and holier than thou. He was actually very funny, good at taking the piss out of himself and incredibly quick on his feet. Quite a charmer really. Like his other environmental campaigning chum (although on the other end of the political spectrum) Zac Goldsmith!!

al_uk said...

I thought his article in last Friday's guardian was very useful.. It pointed out the number of web-site based organisations that have been set up to mobilise those who feel strongly about events but are frustrated with current politics.