Monday, 5 January 2009

You don't know me at all....

In the name of all that's holy NO!!!

I've just received an e-mail from the BBC tickets telling me about their up coming attractions. I only signed up to get "free" Elbow tickets and like some Victorian melodrama I'm paying for my crime of avarice. As today they sent me a flier for the upcoming series of " two pints of cocking lager and packet of crisps tw*tting please".
Well regular readers know I Love the BBC but TPLAPCP is such an abomination it almost makes me want to join the Daily Mail readers in burning down Broadcasting House I'd rather crawl to Wembley on broken glass sit on a spike and watch a supergrpoup formed by Coldplay keane and Maria Carey than watch the title sequence let alone the main body of this totally worthless pointless humourless lowest of low look I've sneezed on some A4 will this do asa script never laughed once belittles the people it seeks to portray the wrtiter must have pictures of Alan Yentob and goat coz they got a sequel made god it's rubbish did I say it's not funny but not not funny like last of Summer wine is not funny or My family is not funny but not funny as in watching a family pet hit repeatedly by a cricket bat on Christmas day and then dragged by behind a dustcart unfunny.

So I won't be sending in application even though I see there's a recording on my birthday score!


Cocktails said...

Is that show still on? Why? How? Who is watching it?

Certainly not me. I know better because I went to a live taping of it at the BBC many years ago without fully comprehending what I was doing. 'hilarious' new show indeed.

Mr G. said...

Congratulations on a top rant. You're a man who excels at vitriolic tirades, but this is one of your best.