Monday, 5 January 2009

Will this celebrity hell never stop?

Now a message from our sponsors
Ex Etonian poshboy former PR for family fortunes David Cameron was on the Today programme this morning spouting his usual nonsense. One throw away saloon bar Middle England pleasing dog whistle statement he made at the end with respect to governments supposed spendthrift ways “we are now even paying celebrities to appear in government adverts”

Now I’m all for the powers that be spending my money wisely but it’s hardly news that celebs get a shilling to front government propaganda.
Would you have denied Alvin his thruppence for this?

Or Sir Jim his cool few thou for this

or this

And of course I’m sure no one would begrudge old WH his fee for this or maybe David Cameron as his tiny private income elite would.


Clair said...

I know it's not a public organisation, but I strongly objected to this one...

BLTP said...

funnily enough Cameron did specially mention that that one was ok by him!

Cocktails said...

Boy, that nightmail clip is wonderful. If only today's celebs could do something that good.