Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Heston Services Second helpings

Battle of Big Chef Little Chef:
Saw the final show of the Heston b show on channel 4. Couple of things firstly could’ve easily been one show. He seems to have turned little chef into a gastro pub, still not sure if it will work on a grand scale most gastro pubs have a job producing consistent good food in one smallish pub, let alone by some harassed 19 year olds at 7 o’clock on gloomy February Tuesday morning by the side of some A road.

It won’t be helped by the fact the British public don’t like simple food done well they like simple food messed about with and spoilt. You can never get steak frite you’ve got have steak and chips with some grim blue cheese sauce on it and garlic bread, you never get fish pie it has to have pineapple on it why because people think that sort of thing is special and fancy it’s why they won’t stop stuffing cheese with random fruit or having chorizo on pizza. Oh and it has to come in a skip size quantity regardless of the quality.

So if Heston knocks up a decent sausage and mash half the population will think it would much better with a cheese single on the top and side or of nachos.Oh and I much prefer it when Heston just cooks, it’s what I want from a cooking show cooking


lil said...

I agree, it would’ve all fit into one show.
(Enjoyed following the story though!)
I was impressed with the staff at “Popham” LC last night - I just hope that the LC boss doesn’t blow this fantastic opportunity, by being too greedy with his profit margin?

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

Did you see tonight's episode with Jay Rayner testing out pies in Deptford?

BLTP said...

curses i was watching masterchef .

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

It was quite interesting but not the most cutting edge TV ever. They found out that there's not as much nutrition in 'basics' food as the posh lines. The basics could be improved by a few % meat, apple or whatever and people can tell the difference. Well, the people in Deptford could! This would only cost a few pence more, but the supermarkets aren't interested in changing. So no surprises there.
The best bit of the programme was the kids of the two families who were testing out eating only basics or only local shops. Every time they were asked what they thought of the food that their Mums had made they said 'It's lovely' or 'it's reet nice' in a super Huddersfield accent. Far cry from the way most kids are shown on telly. Lovely.