Thursday, 29 January 2009

Masterchef the battle continues

It’s those men again tonight’s MC.

The class war continues on the latest heat we ended up the poshos against the honest salt of the earth scouser. To mind wine merchant Max disqualified himself from the off as he already had a job in the “food industry“ being a wine merchant and although his cooking looked good a sideways carreer move isn’t dramatic enough really. Next up was Sophie Winner of the spurious job title of the day “Business Analyst”.

Now I’m sure businesses need analysing but can you really, no really analyse someone else’s business when you only 22? Youth is glorious thing but you know certain things take time like good whiskey and Blue Nile Lps! Oh I don’t know maybe it’s a good thing she wants to be cook.
Next up was lovely cheeky scouser (sorry slipped into a stereotype again) David who wanted to run a deli (selling hard to find meat) and bistro (presumably doing the same).

Thankfully natural justice was done a David won through, although will class bias strike again soon?
Next up was the quarter finals and the rather cruel taste and ambition test (which should be after the cooking) sadly for David and possibly his deli counter his knowledge of food was poor so out he went without picking up a spoon.

So to the cook off: Julian with his grey floppy hair and James May shirt was over doing it again, also he seems to rather proud of having a French wife. He’s mentioned her about 10 times so far. I think the implications is that this means he’s absorbed gallic flair with food, seeing as the worst meal I’ve ever had in restaurant was in France I’m not entirely sure about this are all Japanese sushi chefs?. Anyway he showed off and cocked up. Same went for Marilyn(?) who really was only happy making cakes so on the rails came the attractive (I see pattern a merging) Temp Angela with her safe but complete menu so deservedly she won.


s said...

i think masterchef is taking over my life

Anonymous said...

You know something is good when it even gets my mate Debs off the phone. 1 minute to 8 last night, and she was off the line faster than scallops off a saute pan.