Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Big ears strikes again

Over heard today:
Young middle class twenty something woman to similar friend:

“Well, I said to him for me the adventure is over, well in Ealing at

This one will run and run:
Overheard didn’t see the blokes:

“S’right d’ya know what’s a wrap?”
“What d’ya mean a wrap?”
“Ya know a
wrap in the caff winda”
“Oh a WRAP, it’s a sarnie in it.”
“Sarnie what
d’ya mean ?”
“A sarnie like a kebab in one o’ dem pittas”
“So why’s it
called a wrap?”
“dun kno suppose you wrap it up in a pitta”
“Oh I see so
what’s a falafel.........”

This one is thanks to R.
Two trendy types on the northern line discussing the closing of M&S food in Balham (with no apparent irony)

“What will we do Greggs is hardly the same!”

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lil said...

That’s almost eloquent compared to some you hear these days?