Friday, 9 January 2009

Friday, Friday.

Friday stuff not connected but just not disconnected probably

Overheard on the bus:
Posh trendy bloke probably called Josh to his mate and of course the rest of us.“Yeah, F*ck man Christmas was hellish, we went to Holly’s sisters in Paris and then back Suffolk. It was sooo mad I’m thinking of going to Thailand for 5 weeks at the end of month to get my mind sorted”Which amongst many other questions raises the idea of where do the Thais go to get their mind sorted or are their Christmas’ not as hellish?

War what it is good for...
In the paper they are bemoaning about the massive decline in UK manufacturing but a few pages later, in the international section they are up arms about a midland’s firm making engines for Israeli spy planes.

The Shoreditch burnt cream appreciation massive
In the Mediterranean café down leather lane theirs a bunch of Josh’s (probably) work mates, you know spiky hair, big coats, skinny stripy scarves (one of them keeps his trilby on while he’s eating) and one of them (thankfully bareheaded) is flicking through the pictures on his Iphone and they are not lairy shots of “a massive Nu year” but a second by second record of the making of some crème brulees. The desserts are discussed in the sort of spoddy detail only blokes can truly manage in ....“So you use a gas gun to caramelise the tops I just stick the grill full on....

Do tea tasters take coffee breaks?

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Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

Things have changed so much since I was at school in the '70s and it being a comp all the boys had to do... COOKING! I remember one big tough lad got confused making lemon merangue and put the egg yolk in the merangue bit and the egg white in the lemon bit and cried in shame. Poor guy! Hope it didn't put him off cooking for life.
(That 'merangue' doesn't look right. How is it really spelt? Mirangue? Nah.)