Sunday, 18 January 2009

My new favourite new band

Thieves like them.....

I’m not sure how I heard about them, they are young person’s band and seeing as I don’t listen to young person’s radio anymore I can’t have heard them there, anyway like the computer I’m writing this on and rain and communism they are from that there Manchester.

Once you hear them you won’t be surprised as they are New Order! Not actually but well have a listen.

Sounding like NO is no crime in my book as when asked the question “would you like tohear a new New Order record?” I have always said “yes” ever since ohh I don’t know 1983.

I am past caring if anyone else likes them (other than BLBW) nor do I see myself changing anyday soon. Maybe being a cold war child I’m used to them and us and forming opinions and sticking to them. I can’t be doing with people changing sides like floating voters, you’re a mod or a rocker, a Durannie or a spandie and Easty or a Take Thaty, copper or miner, so I chose New Order early and won’t change. I’ll put up with Barney’s double chin, Hooky’s tantrums, the odd single with Billy Corkhill from smashing cocking pumpkins, I’m won’t be changing any time soon..

So when cherubs like Delphic wander up with their bass and drums and that, fine! I liked faux New Order records when the Beloved made them, or Paris Angels, or Pet shop boys or Interpol, so more please.

For the record Delphic are more 1990 New Order with the Stephen and Gillian style “other two” synths and some top Hooky bass on “submission”. The do remind me of the “Paris Angels”. They have a great mix of old and new synth sounds, sounding modern oh I don't know, I've listened to them 20 times already and they are just wonderful. They have that thing to make you feel good you know energy, drama .

Delphic have a suitably oblique factoryesque website that tells you the thick end of shag all but you can get 3 songs from there which are great. If you like New Order have a listen if not, well so be it let’s not fall out unless you are a Leeds fans that is.


Hoops Hooley said...

I'm liking this Delphic stuff. Thanks for the tip.

sa said...

just spotted your Last FM widget - the fact I was up late listening to Bela Lugosi's dead is only one click away.

BLTP said...

hoops. they have been on havey rotation round my way.
sa: at least your not listening to Balaam and Angel