Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hate thay Neighbour

Or why are so called "good" people so horrid?

My friend L pointed this out to me David Attenborough gets hate male from creationists. As usual these evangelical types want to give God all the kudos for the good stuff and the devil or Charles Darwin etc gets the damnation for any all the bad stuff. It's a cake an eat it thing really letting them off the hook for all the grim acts religion has inspired through time.

It never ceases to amaze me how horrible some religious people can be. The stridency of the belief they have, must be reassuring. The sad thing is though I bet they still um and ah about what they are going to have for their tea. It's strange when they have such icy certainty about what other people should or shouldn’t do in bed or how the world began but the tricky decision of "frozen peas or mixed frozen veg with that chop" will have them dithering in cold harsh light of the fridge freezer.
Judge not lest ye be judged thyself now who said that......

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Cocktails said...

Religion gives God a bad name!