Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Pavement Art : Gallery of lost and found # 10

10 of spades
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Oh happy day!
It may cold, everybody may be skint, the sun barely gets above the horizon but any day when you find a playing card in the street on the way to work can’t be all bad. This one had the added tension that it was face down so I had the drama of the reveal.

Was it one I had already? Was it the rules to bridge?

A quick scrabble and Ta dah! The 10 of spades!

Of course I had to wait to check my flickr page to confirm I didn’t have it already I think there is a 1 in 5 ish chance at the moment (including jokers) that I won’t get a double. Sadly I Lucked out and I have a 10 spades already, oh well it is a game chance!


Ten Inch Wheeler said...

And there's me thinking I was the only one who picked up playing cards in the street. I found an ace of spades last week. It's smaller than usual and fits perfectly into my Oyster Card wallet.

BLTP said...

It's amazing how many you find and yes I've got Lemmy's favourite card too.