Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday Monday

Monday stuff and nonsense

Photo of the week:
Thanks to S for spotting this it’s by Luke Stephenson.

Definition of optimism:
a guy running up to the carriage with 2 huge suitcases on wheels this morning, this is a carriage with people pressed like leaves of filo in a baklava and here he was trying to introduce two baby elephants to the party, smiling weakly didn’t help a great deal mate nor did trying to nudge into the carriage I’m afraid he’s probably still there..

The Ladies Bus Book club:
Not sure why British people like biographies so much but on the bus this morning women’s stories were on the ascendency: on the back seat a slightly prim man in half moon glasses was reading a “lavishly” illustrated life of Queen Victoria , in front of him a cute youngish woman in a cute knitted red beret (pillar box not sadly raspberry) and a cute black with white polka dots dress (did I say she was cute) was engrossed in a book about Dusty( how can someone have so much good taste without exploding?).
In front of her with some inevitability was a Jade goody fan catching up with well I’m not what in Jade’s book lot’s of!!!!! I expect, that and torrid tales of a hard childhood in Rotherhithe. Lastly I noticed that as I got off the woman in front of “jade” had that one about Georgina Duchess of Dorset. I not sure this proves anything other that people like to read about other people rather than made up things oh and that more people should wear cute polka dots dresses and listen to Dusty....

Master chef quote of the day:

“I’m from slough so I’m going to be competitive”

More food TV: Big Chef meets Little Chef.
Watched Heston Blumenthal trying to improve Little Chef . I think he should have checked out Katherine Tate first to undertand his clientele a bit better. Not sure I've ever been to one we were either a packed lunch in the service station car park family or in time we went in side for their greasy over priced slop, I think Litttle Chef were a bit B road and we lived life* in the fast lane!!

* or Leicester Forest East


lil said...

Don’t think I’ve ever seen such a massive misfit as HB & LC.
I felt compelled to keep watching…

al_uk said...

Editor [Georgiana duchess of Devonshire?] (Actually quite a good read if it is the one I read; Plus ça change (plus c'est la même chose). A tale of drunken bed swapping, senior members of the aristocracy with wives and mistresses, a biassed press trying to put down politicians by finding as much dirt on them as they can, debt, gambling and inpropriety.)All in the 18th century!

BLTP said...

lil: I missed it to night but I couldn't see how HB and LC could ever work.
A: thanks as ever I don't know how I've survived so long without you helpful corrections it's like being related to Jay Rayner!

Cocktails said...

I think that there has just been a film based on that book about the Duchess of Devonshire (they tried to flog it as being an 18th century precursor to the lovely Princess Di, Queen of our Hearts)... so that might explain that reading choice.

lil said...

Oooh! that book sounds interesting?
Maybe I’ll try that one out?

Last night HB was feeling a tad used by LC.
I’m gripped!
Definitely watching it tonight…

Mr G. said...

'Lastly I noticed that as I got off the woman in front of “jade”' ... it appears you're glossing over the best bit of the story...