Friday, 23 January 2009

Help I'm drowning in irony

the Wags dogging the tail or summat

Ever since those canny French invented Post-moderity, life has become a daily grind of second guessing the media. I have finally reached the end I no longer know what is real and what is made up, can anyone help does this person exist or is it a spoof ? Do grown ups really have a haribo and crisps draw? Can't you get "metallic bikinis" closer to home in Esher? Also these metallic bikinis don't they attract barnacles when you are swimming in the sea like the bottom of oil tankers and are they painted with special anti fouling paint? and Is the thing about iguana table a brilliant self mocking joke on footballer's girlfriends help please!!!!

MY Shopping life from today's g2
Abigail Clancy Model (model of what)and tv presenter (...and here's a tv..)

What's your earliest shopping memory?
Being dragged round Great Homer Street market in Liverpool with my little brother.
What do you like to shop for?
I have just bought a house and every time I go out, I come back with a lamp - even though I don't have any tables to put them on.
Who is your ideal shopping companion?
My mum. I always shop with her and I can't think of anyone better. She's amazing at putting outfits together.
What's in your shopping basket?
When I'm cooking for my boyfriend, Pete (footballer Peter Crouch), I have to be healthy so I'll buy meat and veg. But we have a sweet drawer at home where I keep the Haribos and crisps.
Where's your favourite shopping destination?
I just came back from South Africa and there was an amazing boutique in Cape Town, called Carnival. They had stuff like matt metallic bikinis. But I also love shopping in Paris, London and Liverpool.
What are your shopping habits?
I buy on impulse. If I'm shopping for clothes I'll come back with nothing to wear but shoes. My favourite shop is a beautiful boutique called Club in Esher high street in Surrey.
How often do you go shopping?
I haven't been clothes shopping for a while but I just bought a Fendi table for the house. It's mock iguana.
• Abigail Clancy is launching a text price comparison service:


fourstar said...

Oh, she exists.

Thick as a McDonalds milkshake, but great norks.

ally. said...

oh thankyou very much. i was busy laughing at this and alerted the mrs who now insists on a shopping trip to esher bloody high street. at least it wasn't carnival in cape town.
just you wait