Friday, 3 October 2008

you boy

They were talking about bringing back the cane on the radio just now 20% of teachers are for it. This 20% presumably went to school after the mid 80's as all I learnt from corporal punishment was the arbitary nature of power. I was the mildest child going and was never formally caned but i was slapped punched and thwacked by teachers, I was hit on head with text book in biology (a subject I was the best in the class at), you were hit by teachers for being slow at getting changed in games and for other minor crimes. Anyway the greatest film made in English language puts the case better than me.

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Roman Empress said...

Aw, he's a sweet little sausage isn't he? If only all kids had such a lovely northern accent.

I could argue for days about this. I'm not up for the cane at all, but I draw the line at 'shut up' being prohibitive which as a teacher I've been bollocked for before now and that bollocking reduced me to tears.