Thursday, 16 October 2008

Take back the Tower

Take back the Tower
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The Petition:

It started off as a mild interest and then became a mini obsession and now it’s time to take action.

I posted about the so called BT tower the other day. I promised some top secret plans see later post. But having done some light research into it I find that the Tower isn’t totally closed to the public no it is available for BT corporate functions and junkets.

Now I’ve nothing against the people in these pictures but hang on shouldn’t this be something more people have access to. Too much of this country is paid for by one lot of people and enjoyed by a smaller luckier bunch. I say all this as someone with chronic vertigo who would be clinging to the inner walls of the viewing deck if my journey up and round the Eye and the World Trade Centre is any thing to go by.

But do you know what I think we should take back the tower preferably at 1981 prices and open it up to everyone.

I looked into one of those Downing street petition but firstly I didn’t fancy giving Gordon Brown my personal details he’d only accidentally send them to some sky writing firm and have them fly over the opening ceremony of London Olympics showing them to the entire world or such like..
And secondly they warn you that fanciful petitions “however witty“ will be taken down so whether any of the below is the least bit funny I thought I wouldn’t waste my time. So we’ll start here and see what happens.

If you support the campaign add your agreement below you don’t have to give any names other than what you’d use round here already. I really don’t need to know where you live.

Anyway here’s the petition

The Take Back the Tower Petition
WE the undersigned earnestly request that the so-called BT tower be taken back into the bosom of public ownership and it’s doors flung open to the people* who paid for it and their off spring in perpetuity or until they bring back TOTP which is ever is first.
We petition that:
What with this sort of thing being in fashion again it’s time we spent some of our money buying back the BT tower. Once back in public ownership we would rename it the “Post Office Tower” or even better the “GPO Tower” and open up the viewing decks and get the restaurant going again.

It would probably turn a shilling or two and there should be a gift shop that must sell snow storms and GPO Tower sticks of rock; the money generated could be used to rebuild the Skylon on the South Bank and to get the British space programme out of moth balls.

The tower would once again become a hub of culture in this often overlooked area of London. There could be anniversary concerts for Joe Meek and Delia Derbyshire, Earl Brutus and whoever designed the stylophone. There could be poetry readings and tea dances and other events that local people fancy (it may be too small for majorettes or speedway). There is no reason why the public shouldn’t once again throng it’s viewing decks and nibble orange flavoured Club biscuits in it’s cafĂ©.

So let’s take action now and Take Back the Tower.

*There are only 2 caveats for public funding firstly Noel Edmonds isn’t allowed anywhere near the place and neither are any rampaging giant kittens


ally. said...

i'm there obviously. take me take me take me take me now !

there've been things on up there the last two nights too.

Planet Mondo said...

Sign me up too

Russ said...

Sign me up -would love to go up there. And wasn't the stylophone a joint venture between Rolf Harris and Kraftwerk?

Cocktails said...

Count me in. Although I'm not sure about the rampaging giant kittens. That was one of my favourite episodes...

al_uk said...

Count me in...though I'm always impressed how quickly and how well they re-built it after the rampaging kitten. If its to be opened at 80's prices can we wear 80's fashions? I've just found photos of me in a certain pair of boots......

Zaphod Camden said...

Yep - duly seconded (or thirded, or whatever...)

One of the first things I was looking for during my first ever trip to London in ye olde Millennium year was a look at what I still call the Telecom Tower (sounds nicer, I think) I felt really happy when I caught a glimpse of it on the road from Euston to Earls Court....

I'd love to go up the thing :)

BLTP said...

Zaphod. hello and welcome good to have you around.