Tuesday, 28 October 2008

We love it when our friends are successfull

All shall have Prizes

I’m blessed by having intelligent funny and charming friends and family occasionally this fact is recognised by wider community my friend Emma last year got an award for her NHS journalism, Britain’s leading beer writer had some cream added to already jammy job by wining a beer travel writer award and going on jolly to drink more beer in Czech oh and our S got award for Architecture from Jonathon Ross once oh well, anyway.

The latest in the line is most deserving, a giant in his field Mr Warwick Mansell who has been nominated for a Paul Foot campaigning journalism award in private Eye. Warwick (as only his mum calls him!) Has written a proper book about testing and the sats tests and has been following this story for several years so it’s good that he’s been recognized. He’s genuinely nice bloke too, let’s hope he doesn’t win as he only spend the prize on potatoes and Baaaacccon.

Although I’d pay to hear his acceptance speech!

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