Sunday, 19 October 2008

train in vain

Sorry for the rant I've had a bad late afternoon.

Bu**er the ice caps, bo***cks to sea level rising I've had it with public transport I'm buying a car.

Why? because it's too expensive, just now I checked my tickets and realised I hadn't a seat reservation for the east coast line but they can't print me another so I have to pay the full fare or pay more on the train it's my fault I thought 4 tickets for one journey was enough!

But one was receipt! so to get home I had to fork at 80 quid! I'm writing this on my new phone fold out keyboard on the train!
so we'll see if it works.
Sunday Night update
(It did) I have tidied up the spelling just a bit.
as to public transport it's a pile of crap. The punch line of today's journey is of course having shelled out £80 for a "seat reservation" not a "ticket" but "seat reservation" they never once checked any of them in fact no member of train crew came near the trolley service was cancelled and the bar was out of most things. When i got back to KX the Northern line wasn't stopping there and it took me 35-40 mins to get a bus to London Bridge where half the platforms where closed, a got a train the seat cushion next to my seat was missing and my 10 mins (max) journey to New X nearer 20 as the train just dawdled along.

My journey to work tomorrow will in-humanly cramped slow and deeply unpleasant, followed by a bus journey on bus whose seats aren't suitable for tall people like me. All of which we have to pay for.

So what sort of car should I get?


sa said...

This is the car for you:

Cocktails said...

Don't buy a car. You'll just be torturing yourself with traffic jams and tax.

The solution is to er... go nowhere?

al_uk said...

The solution is to move. 7mile commute to work in a diesel car currently doing over 50 mpg. Weekly cost in diesel is under £20Rarely are there jams and if there are you get to drive down delightful country lanes to circumvent them. 7 miles is close enough to cycle through aforementioned country lanes and bridle paths which I'm doing once a week at least. BLTP will moan about the two buses it takes to get across to our parents and the cost of said journey but you can't have everything.