Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Bandwagon Jumpers

Sachs and the Twitties:
So let's see the Daily Mail et al having got some tweezers out and found a few grains of dirt to pile on top of each other have built enough moral high ground to start going on about Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand. They are as usual just following where others have led sadly in this case me !

I've thought Ross was past his sell by date for a while, his excessive wages have immunised him against complaint and allowed him to gather round him a coterie acolytes to buy off disapproval allowing him to say and do almost anything.

It's funny as I'm for free speech it's just with free speech comes with responsibility, if you say something that's genuinely offensive you have to face the consequences.
The sight however of the fake moral outrage of the rest of the media is almost as offensive.

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