Thursday, 30 October 2008

Mr Angry of Deptford

Me, me,me,me,me

At the risk of causing a media feed backloop, my little blog is in the paper today. Without me even trying, my review of the cold war show at the V&A linked to a Victor Keegan piece about taking photos in galleries and the paper found it via technocrati and published it (in extract) in the paper.

Here's the link the to page on the guardian website ,if you want the real artifact it's in the techy section page 4.

here's my piece in full before those terrible Guardian subs cut it to pieces......


Planet Mondo said...

Hurrah - this could be the start of something bigger

Cocktails said...

They've certainly done a bit of pruning there!

Funny how these things get picked up though.

al_uk said...

Ah my more famous brother, well done. trifle disapointed that it wasn't some pithy and witty rejoiner as to why Ross and Brand should be sacked but a good point well made. You've probably found the way to get yourself into the paper...... You mentioned the journalist's name. hmmmmm are journalists so shallow they google their own name????? Oh well keep up the good work
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