Thursday, 9 October 2008

Going against the Grain

Small things to go nuts about:

Where did Granola come from?
It’s everywhere seemingly; in granola bars (flapjack?) , granola and yoghurt pudding things in sarnie shops (whatever), crumbles topped with the stuff(stop it now) etc.
What happened to good old fashioned British Muesli ?


sa said...

It's just a posh word for broken biscuits if you ask me.

Cocktails said...

It's American isn't it?

Maybe it just sounds 'healthier' and more exotic than muesli. Although I personally think that it sounds like shredded cardboard.

Planet Mondo said...

I used to love Swisskit the ad' tagline being 'would you risk it for a Swisskit' which was an Alpen style choco bar.

BLTP said...

In fact a Swisskit was 30 years ahead of the game back in 1976 no one wanted sweets with grains in them (sensible souls that we were) nowadays they've put cranberries in dairy milk the "dirty Ba***rds"