Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Great Record Sleeves of our time

Shame about the Music :(

here's a gaggle of great sleeves...... not a great tune among. sadly.

"Schlager" apparently means hit, shame the producers put more effort into the sleeves than the songs.

Anyway here's a brace of eager beach babes on a rather chilly looking Baltic beach.

I think she needs to watch out "Hi Ho silver lining" about to finish and she hasn't cued up a slowy yet.....

This one I was hoping was a saxtastic sleezeathon burlesque lp, it's in fact lift music with a slightly care worn glamour model on the cover....

Here's Marlon Brando getting to grips with I think Vivien Leigh!

This bunch of 'ombres I had high hopes for and their crack at La bamba is not bad it's just too crackly to post sadly. one song starts well like the theme from "Peter Gunn" al twanging guitars and horns and then sadly fizzles out into Costa Brava show band blandness, it's really sad.
Anyway enjoy the sleeve art!
Ps. Can I recommend some ace free software; scanning record sleeves is a bit of pain because my A4 scanner is 23 cm wide and of course lp sleeves are 24 cm wide so you have to stitch 4 scans together, which is is time consuming but I had seen on flickr people using Auto-stitch to put together panoramic shots.
So I downloaded it and it's excellent ,almost magical give it a go it's very easy to use.
you'll find it here!


Planet Mondo said...

The girl in Music Fur Alle - looks like Linda Thorson (*sighs*) I Remember you looks like Martin Caine - but I Remember You - has a slightly sinster a 'grubby dribbler in a stained mac' twist when used with 'strip music'

Great album sleeves right up my retro street.

BLTP said...

PM. Just looked up Linda Thorson and I see waht you mean I'm quite take with our jolly dj fraulein although sadly she'll 70 odd now!!!
I did like the slightly worn sleezy air to the strip music lp the music would add an even more poignant air to any clothing removal...

Cocktails said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I would definitely buy that Happy Dancing record. I feel cheerful just looking at it.

Did you get these here or 'abroad'?

BLTP said...

I travelled no further than zone 2 they are from Deptford Market or the charity shop in Leather lane. I got some perplexed looks from my work colleagues phillistines!

ally. said...

high quality tat dear boy - and i've generally judged anything that draws perplexed looks from work colleague philistines to be a huge success