Sunday, 5 October 2008

Easy like Sun....

Here's a gentle tune for you, this blustery miserable morning, I've been learning Spanish again recently which is muy bien? We learnt this week that you need to be careful saying how old you are in Spain (and not for the obvious reasons)

Apparently "años" means year and has one of those long n sounds that I fear I'll never master where as "anos" means something entirely different (try swapping the "o" for another vowel!).

Anyway this morning's tune is in Spanish and would fit in with what my old flatmate would call "Sunday morningish music" (which is something to do with Van Morrison and cafetieres).

It's by the Sandpipers who I know very little about, I bought the vinyl thinking they might be like the The Sonics which is ironic as this tune is a gentle vocal reworking of "Louie Louie". It starts off like "you lost that loving feeling" and has some nice flamenco style guitar flourishes.

Anyway the toast's popped up and as Mike D never said it's time to get Illy! have a good Sunday.

The Sandpipers : Louie Louie.

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ally. said...

nice to get illy - you kill me ...