Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Post 600 :Trivia (no change there then ed.)

365 - 238 - in the movies, originally uploaded by the brownhorse.

Small things that annoy me more than they should
London cinema times:

Monopoly free market capitalism (how's it going guys oh that bad shame) has done some terrible things namely Simon Cowell, the Bho Pal disaster, the film titanic and renaming chocolate bars randomly one of the most trivial but telling is that in London it tries to cram two showings of films into one evening .

The upshot being that the first sitting is too early 5.50pm and the later one that bit too late 8.50 sometimes. On an evening you want to go to the flicks at 7 ish or perhaps half past so you can have a spot of tea or a pint and then catch the film not rush to the cinema straight from work or for the later showing hang around in town drinking too much waiting for the film to start and them getting home late on a school night.

But no the xfactorsrunningsnickernamingpopcornpeddlers do their best to ruin your evening.

Like I say a minor thing but annoying.

Small things that please me in order to balance irrational annoyances above.

I found a fiver in the ticket pocket of Jeans; I decided to call it lunch.

The Met office has a spokesman called Barry Gromett, it’s not his fault but if you are deliberately putting yourself in the public eye don’t have a hilarious tip top name like Barry Gromett. Is Barry a name that’s died out? I think I like it almost as much as the woman on the radio who seems to be called Fenella Fudge or even the reporter Julia Caesar.

Notes on my 600th post:

People often wax lyrical at such "landmark" points in time and tell you what they've learnt etc, all I know as off today is that:

Mono is spanish for Monkey,

that the yellow snow is never someone's spilt limeade

that you should never play cards with Sicilians

that you shouldn't fight a land war in Europe on 2 fronts

Oh and that you should never miss the opportunity to wish your friends, family and types you bump into on the net the best of health and happiness. Keep yourselves warm and safe and if your going to that London put some money in your sock.

yours as ever C... oh sorry BLTP



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Cocktails said...

I too get annoyed with cinema times, the NFTs scheduling like this means that I miss out on a lot of things. but I understand why they do it - it just means that they can screen twice as much stuff. Which is good for the NFT, I don't hugely care about other commercial enterprises and their largely rubbish films.

Congratulations on your 600 posts - thats a lot of writing.

And can I ask you something I've been wondering for a while Mr C. Does BLTP actually stand for anything?!!

See you in Penang this Christmas then?

BLTP said...

C&M seems along to go for barbie particularly when i can be in the bosom of my family in the perpetual gloomy darkness of the UK winter...
as to my "Nom de'blog" it's along story it's based on one fo my favourite songs and I've been using it since before the Interweb hove into view. It's not anything to do with sandwiches though. it just sort stuck. the icon is a bit of a clue....

Cocktails said...

Yeah but I clearly have appallingly limited general knowledge and have no idea what your icon is or symbolises. I can't even google it!

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

Good stuff BLTP (and intrigued to at long last get a clue to what that stands for...!)

Mr G. said...

Barry loving...?

al_uk said...

When the new world order comes all bazaars will be cleared away and everything will be ship shape and bristol fashion