Friday, 26 September 2008

Illuminating Tv

What we'll learn from tonight's telly

I think my counter suggestability is almost an illness, I can't look at a sentence or a sign or a name and not think of an other meaning. I was looking at the tv listings for tonight and 8.30 on BBC2 is that old favovourite "Gardners' World" the description for tonights show is " Carol Klein looks at bulbs".
And because of my "illness" I can't stop thinking about the no- nonsense plants northern woman stood stock still in a TESCO's aisle transfixed by all the 40w baton fitting Osrams for the entire show.

You can imagine I had to read what's on at 7.35 on Channel 4 a few times just check I was getting it right "Half Ton Veg"


Clair said...

I'd rather not....

BLTP said...

the programme about veg was quite good in the end.