Tuesday, 4 March 2008

street buzz

Pavement Art: The gallery of lost and found #5

Didn’t pick this up in the street but it was parked around the corner from my gaff or should that be drum (I've lived in the “mist” sorry smoke for ages not quite master the local idiom though) anyway near my flat. I was surprised they need to advertise the stuff as Red Bull it’s so ubiquitous. I must admit to being espresso fan myself if I need a boost, Taurine never does much for me.

I’m opening a book that the “promotion team” who drive this thing tend to over the use the phrase “guys” even when addressing a mixed sex group. The boot will also contain at least one branded base ball hat. Any way on the subject of promotional cars here’s the daddy the outspan mini, why they never went into mass production I don’t know.

What’s your favourite fruit or vegetable shaped promotional vehicle?

I was going to try and use “apples and pears” in this post but my gaff/drum/flat is only on one floor...

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Planet Mondo said...

The 'spanmobile' used to do the rounds near me years ago - have you seen the crazy cream egg one? They've got them at Cadbury World (always worth a visit)