Monday, 31 March 2008

Sons and Daughters

What's in a name?

I was checking my mail when I saw a list on the yahoo home page of.
“Hot young actors Yahoo is into”
1. Jamie Lynn Spears
2. Chace Crawford
3. Miley Cyrus
4. Blake Lively
5. America Ferrera
6. Zac Efron

Now the trivial way corporate websites like MSN and Yahoo pad out their content is a given but firstly isn’t it strange that a big corporation like Yahoo are “in to young actors”, do you think they have joined the fan club and that?

The main reason it caught my eye is the usual weird and wonderful list of American actor’s names; Jaime is I think a scion of the Spears family. Some of the others are just asexual, Chace, Miley are they girls or boys? Also is Chace is pronounced “chase” not “Kaycee” or even “Chay sea”; she must be girl as it has it has a hint of stripper about it. Blake Livley is just a comic book private eye.

Also is America the only country name that can be used as a first name, Belgium Hodgkins doesn’t work nor does Ghana Wilkinson! The only name that seems normal is the whole cocking list is the one starting with a zed. I’m fairly sure Zachary Efron is from a Jewish background and so Zach is a usual as John Smith or similar. The other thing about these youngsters without doing any research is that I can bet all but Blake are from show biz family. Chace Crawford is probably Cindy Crawford’s daughter or sister, Miley Cyrus is no doubt Billy Ray Cyrus’s son/daughter, I think, America Ferrera must the granddaughter of Able and Zac the son of Director of “Big” Nora.

So a large media company are championing a group of young talents already blessed with large Gucci loafer in the door of success, no change there then, oh and Miley is just a silly name.


Clair said...

Miley is the daughter of Billy Ray, of course. Her name reminds me of that formula baby milk, Milupa.

declan said...

There's a woman in the West of Ireland called 'Breda Rabbitte' and a family called 'Divers' who live in Muff, Co. Derry (they used to be listed in the telephone directory, but got tired of late night/early morning prank callers looking for the 'muff divers'). Nothing to do with Hollywood names or that - but just have to make people aware that these people exist....

declan again said...

Oh - and Miley is a version of Myles - a fine and honourable Irish name (also found in other languages) - the Irish version means 'servant'. I'm still trying to persuade my wife that if we ever have a boy-child we should call him 'Myles Moore', a girl - then it'd have to be 'Annie Moore'...

BLTP said...

Declan I wasn't trying impune anyones heritage although it looks like the Cyruses have confused the gender of the name it must be similar to Mylo. Suggestion for future Moore off spring.
Lourdes Moore for a girl, Lotte Moore (doesn't quite work) It was years till I realised Roger Moore is his real name but Sandy shaw was made up!