Tuesday, 11 March 2008

all things must pass away

Sadly my Daffs have faded also my flash died, but luckily my photo software revived the dark picture to give this weird super 8 looking shot. Of course the only song we need now.

All things must pass away by George Harrison
ps this is the wrong place to say anything but nice things about the Beatles!


Planet Mondo said...

Hate to do this to you, while you're in the middle of flower and camera crisis - but I'm tagging you as part of the 'meme' thing
You have to..

Get the book you're reading.
Turn to page 123.
Skip the first 5 sentences.
Post the next three

Tag two other bloggers

(or moderate comments and press the delete button on this one)


BLTP said...

OK PM seing as you asked likely here goes, I’d hope they are all being collected into a virtual meta-poem but it seems unlikely.
From Ascent by Jed Mercurio
“At Graham bell that day, Yefgenii didn’t fly. The whole country was celebrating the victory over the Americans. Yefgenii admired Gagarin’s valour, admired the qualities he must’ve had in order to win selection ahead of all the other cosmonauts.
He drank toasts with the other men. They were young, they were full of vigour.”
ps. nt sure about passing it on don't really do chain letters I had 69 spam emails this morning. It's nice idea I'm sure there's some editing going on to show everyones perfect taste mine genuine as you can see.
yours Komrad space boy

BLTP said...

that should have been seeing as you asked nicely