Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Hello space boy

"As Mr Darcy fired up his Mig 15"
From other people's blogs I see the idea was to post this "meme" thing in the main blog not the comments so here goes. If you want to post the the next 3 lines after the first 5 on page 123 of you current read feel free, I won't be passing on any chain letters or spam any day soon.

To prove that I'm Komrad Space Boy here's a bit from Ascent by Jed Mecurio who wrote the gruesomely wonderfully bleak "Bodies" for telly.

“At Graham bell that day, Yefgenii didn’t fly. The whole country was celebrating the victory over the Americans, Yefgenii admired Gagarin’s valour, admired the qualities he must’ve had in order to win selection ahead of all the other cosmonauts.
He drank toasts with the other men. They were young, they were full of vigour.”


Planet Mondo said...

Good work - this has got me in the mood for Moondust by Andrew Smith

Cocktails said...

excellent cover too.