Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I was stuck on the bus halfway up Ludgate Hill (the one up to Centre Paul's from Fleet st) and saw a notice board on a Church advertising their Easter Service.

Now it did say "service with Carols" which could be strange if we have forgotten that carols are just songs; they don't have to be sung only at Christmas.

No the bit that got me was the next line "service with sound effects".
What the dickens could was that all about?
This led me to thinking and having a play with my sound editing software and I think it may just sound like this!

BLTP presents: Holy week in sound effects
(there's also a pithy precis of Christian teaching at the end bible fans)
Happy Easter to one and all or spring or whatever you want to celebrate.


Cocktails said...

That's great - I think you should offer it to them, although maybe you could add some screaming to liven it up a bit...

Cocktails said...

I mean you could liven it up even more - those lashing sounds are pretty lively!

BLTP said...

I did add some screams but it went from a slight whimsy to a pound of cheese very quickly.