Monday, 10 March 2008

Pie chart

It’s pie week.

So let’s answer some important crusty old questions.

In pork pies Pink (northern) or Grey (them there southerners) meat?

Potato and or butter pies are these just evidence that Lancastrians are tight?

When you have pie and mash with your lady friend liquor?

Mint sauce on mushy peas yes or no?

In a pasty are carrot and peas kosher?

Are there any kosher pies?

Pasties again: traditional or flaky?

Has anyone ever eaten a ginsters hot?

All these weird stilton and banana fancy dan pies aren’t they just wrong?

Does a Gregg’s veggie slice count towards your five a day?

Has anyone had a pie from abroad that was worthy of the name?

Brown or red sauce?

Has anyone had any Denby dale pie?

Is apple and bramble pie the best sweet pie?

Is it immoral to eat tinned custard?

Does the Mitre pub in Holborn Circus have the most blokey lunch menu ever i.e. cut up pork pies, sausage and toasties?

What about those pork pies with pickle already in them aren’t they just weird?

Does anyone care what the people of Bakewell Derbyshire think what a real Bakewell tart should be?

loads of lovely pictures of crusty treats over at flickr

Finally what’s the best pie you’ve ever had?


Planet Mondo said...

In reverse order..

The best (shop)pie I've ever had was a pork combo with cheese pickle and something else from a Deli in Fort William. (best pasty is the prize winners from Byfords near me, who regularly celebrate Mr Byfords award winning meat without any irony)

Real Bakewells from Bakewell are unbeatable

Best sweet pie? It's a toss up between a real Bakewell and Mr Kip's Apple and Custard.

No sauce (brown or red)ever, but yes to the liqour everytime.

I'm alway pleasantly cheered by a chip shop pie - they feel like a cop out, but are always surprisingly tasty treats.

BLTP said...

Nice one PM controversial on the sauce front. I'm sure bakewell ies are great I just don't give toss for all this reall ones cna only be baked on tuesday nonsense mainly because Mr Kips tooth rotting iced ones are delish.
Best shop pies in the world Birkinshaws Pork pies from Mapplewell it's a fact it's on page 32 of the doomsday book.

al_uk said...

Pink, Yes, no (mushy pea water uck) yes, yes, don’t know shalom!, both, I haven’t, yes they are wrong, no, some nice pies in Spain (empanadas) and Malta, brown on pies though red on pukka chicken and mushroom is a guilty secret, yes, probably, no as long as you say three Hail Mary’s and the Our Fathers, sounds like it, though the cock inn in Birdwell serves white bread with dripping on quiz nights! Yes weird (now that’s immoral)
And this just shows that the Pie Meister in the end doesn’t know his pies, as the real treat is Bakewell pudding completely different from Bakewell tarts and only available from a few pie shops in Bakewell though I’ve been told I do a passable version.

Best pie is a toss up between Cyril Burkinshaw’s Pork pie any time of the year and the meat and potato at Oakwell on Saturday when we stuffed Chelsea, it had a real special flavour!!!