Saturday, 15 March 2008

Last Night's TV

No Relief in sight....
Started watching Sports relief, but the good causes aside it was rubbish. Top Gear has finally turned into the Chuckle brothers (without the jokes). Simply come dancing is just getting dull, the Parky and Ross talk off was tedious beyond words. One of the main problems was that the sport angle which makes for worthy but dull TV at times. The BBC's idea of a sporting joke is some one in the crowd at sunderland wearing in an afro wig. Sport is rarely shown in the way that fans interact/enjoy it, there's no joy or excitement, obsession, anger, wit, humour, in the presentation no one takes the mick out of stars, it's one big boys club.
I hear good things about football Am (but I've never seen it) but even people as bright as Clair Balding never feel free to bring that extra spark to sports shows. So we get Gary Bland Linneker, Gaby professional but dull Logan. It probably comes down to the fact that the sporty types at school were always a bit dull being able to do "keepy ups" spared them leering to tell a joke or have something interesting to say and so when they get to MOTD it's just more of the same worthy dullness.
Which may be what's wrong with Sports relief, the whole thing lacks the excitement of great sport or joie vivre of great entertainment. It was just dull. Also I've never seen why they have to support charities in Britain as well as developing countries. It always smacks of pandering to the small minded and mean spirited. We are plenty rich enough to fund all the youth work and drugs counseling we need in Britain if we choose to, let this sort of money be spent on those who really need it.
I also watched a documentary about the chieftains on BBC4 which was interesting, I now know all I need to know about them. It was a bit strange mind as it made out that they existed almost in a vacuum, no mention for instance of the Dubliners, Christy Moore etc.
Also the main man Paddy Maloney had one of the those sad comb overs like Bobby Charlton that he started when he was in his 20's and has always kept ; if only he'd just shaved it off then ,he would've looked like a musician in all the pictures not a coach driver.
There were some scenes of the Corrs in the film, who are strikingly attractive women (I know this isn't news but they are striking).
ps the sourness towards sport relief isn't because I had a dentist pulling my face around yesterday afternoon honest, it was just all a bit meh!


Planet Mondo said...

I've never really been sporty and as you say all the sporties at school were always a bit boring. It's only over the past few years that it's gone all glam - until the mid 90s it was still Farahs and golf jumpers for most TV sporty types. And why is it whoever wins 'Sports Personality Of The Year' always seems as dull as dandruff?

ally. said...

come back frank bough or however you spell it - he tried his darndest to get as much relief from sport as he could. and it terrifies me that shearer and linneker are young men - they always seemed old enough to be my dad