Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Before they were famous....

Squeeze pre-history special

I rescued this book apropriately it turns out from Deptford Market recently, thinking at first it was an annual for the much loved kids TV show.

I’m not sure if it was popular at the time, but it turns out to be a chronicle of the first flourish of rock festivals in early 70’s. It’s mainly excellent pictures with some very of it’s time gushing gnomic writing. The pictures do go heavy on lithe young women dancing topless angle mind.

One thing that did catch my eye and gives the book it’s title is this before they were famous gem.

These impossibly young “hippies” (there’s a glossary at back apparently “to get High” means to take drugs) are Glen Tillbrook and Chris Difford from Squeeze and here are the lyrics to one of there early songs. Enjoy!

Photo extra: are you this man ?

Ps. the strange thing about this book is that today, festivals are so mainstream and work-a-day that the entire contents would be covered in a few weekend supplements, culture sections and magazine websites and not get anywhere near a book like this.


ally. said...

it's a well known fact that you enjoy gigs more if you're only wearing your pants.

Clair said...

That's well skill; I love Squeeze (first band I ever saw, they was), and I can recomment Squeeze In Their Own Words by Difford, Tilbrook and Jim Drury, too.