Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Pictures

I think they'd had their fun and it just petered out, I think Noddy lives of his royalties.
I'm sorry but this is a bobbins name for a block of flats.

Pub house combo

I don't care that much really but how the chuff do say this?


Planet Mondo said...

About 1 mile south of me

There's several streets named after Astronauts and suchlike

BLTP said...

Pm. Apart from why the dickens you haven't mention this cool fact before and that I can feel a film coming on! you also skim over the fact the rest of the town is named after the shipping forcast! I already made that film but in London and it took 3 days I could have made it Southend in 10 minutes. I imagine you have whole estates named after booker t and Mg's, nuclear scientists and of course obscure Dannish philosophers!

BLTP said...

Pm: more viewing of the southend map turns up
Nestuda way!
aviation way (just great)
Snake Lanes!!!!
Feeches drive ?
and an electric ave.
the place is wonderland for fantastic street names something i am unnaturally drawn to.

Planet Mondo said...

You're right - you know what it's like, overlooking what's on your doorstep and that...

More for the list are

Plas Newydd

Love Lane

Rushbottom Lane

Valkyrie Road

Elmer Approach

I never how rich it was
with grand names

(Electric Avenue isn't as space age as it sounds, in fact it's notoriously dodgy)

ally. said...

cor southend sounds even acer than i thought. i'm still waiting for a sunny day...

my fave has always been percy circus, although round here i've just found a percy passage which is almost as fab