Sunday, 30 March 2008

Brian Wilson is still God!

Mike Love Not War :
I've been having a sort out as part of a deal with myself on having bought a new bookcase and because it's spring.

Anyway in the bottom of a tumbler of change, screws and with some inevitabilty kinder surprise toys was my Beach boys badge. I wrote about it and Brian Wilson before here.
But here's the full text as it makes more sense with the badge.
"Badge of Honour:Which brings me to one of the nicest awards I ever got.
We saw Brian Wilson at Glastonbury 2005 on a warm Sunday afternoon, the mud had almost gone and I was there with my family and friends. Two strange things happened firstly I was surprised at how few of Brian’s songs my friends knew.
No that's not right, let me explain; they knew Beach boys songs but not the hits. They had grown up in the strange world where “pet sounds” is played more than “the Best of the Beach boys”.
Now “Pet sounds” is a masterpiece but so are the singles. Anyway once the songs were in full swing everyone was grooving and then we got our award. A women came through the crowd and came up to us and handed us some badges , saying we deserved them for dancing. On them in yellow writing said the simple universal message “Listen to the Beach Boys”. She simply smiled and slipped back into the crowd.
We were most proud and touched too. I’ve never had a badge for dancing before, of course listening Brian Wilson sing is reward enough but the badge made it doubly special. It seems that this mysterious lady does this a lot, which is a really nice and simple way of spreading happiness. I think this her on myspace. (it is she sent me an email, she’ll be handing out more badges at this years Glasto (2007)).
By the way isn’t “listen to the Beach Boys” the best piece of advertising, it’s almost zen in it’s directness, some how “listen to Mcfly “isn’t quiet the same. "

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