Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Reassuringly stupid

Bad ads #109: Stella-Nonsense
So, let's see this is a beer originated in Belgium brewed in Bedford or Luton and owned by a global brand and now identical to a bland american beer (that stole it's name from a Czeck beer) being advertised that it's aluminium cans can be re-cycled into a classic French car that was made out of steel.
In short Stella Artois isn't French.

Sorry, I know it's small beer (pun intended) it just annoyed me, as you where.


Planet Mondo said...

I've given up it - crisp and fresh in the 70s. Tastes like barb wire now.

Give me real Belgian any day Tripel karmeliet, Delirium, Westmalle Blonde, Chimay Red - Waitrose do a good selection.

BLTP said...

your right PM it's taste like ropey bud now. In some ways it's good that they confuse it's country of origin so the poor old belgians don't get the stick for stellas ropeyness

ally. said...

the problem is i quite like ropey bud too. proper lager scares me as much as real ale. and what car wouldn't be smartened up by a big beeer can on the hood ?

BLTP said...

ally you must like the ropey feeling next day too! I'm twigs and beak man but stella not nice nowadays