Saturday, 26 September 2009

McDonald's Happy Meal trumping madness

Dumb & Dumber #345

On the way out yesterday, the day got off to a good start when I found a playing card in the street (part of my ongoing madness) it’s the Top Trump pictured. At the risk of turning into Paul Dacre isn’t it a bit pathetically dumb that McDonalds have even dumbed down Top Trumps.
Compare it to the marvellous one below that I found a while a go! Now I know the McD’s card maybe aimed at young kids but the name of animal and the words “height”, “weight” wouldn’t be out of place.
I know from playing Top trumps with my nephews that they often in past have just said the “top one” instead of “intelligence” or whatever but well that’s not the point and it’s also more importantly not how we learn to read. Also them being part of a Pan-European promotion isn’t any excuse either.

Anyway being a spod here’s the real facts about our buffalo in case you want to alter your set!

African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) local names Nyati, Mbogo
Intelligence /brain weight 500g ( a cow) humans 1500g *
Height: 1.7 metres high,
Body length: 3.4 metres long.
Average weight: 500-900 kg
*(this one was tricky to track down as measuring intelligence is tricky and most of the papers where behind academic pay walls everything else was from one page. Here’s a whole site about brains )

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Stuart Hinchliff said...

You're nowhere near with your Pan-European guess. I designed the 2 McDonalds packs and they were made as worldwide reserve Happy Meal toy and made for countries spanning over 30 different languages, including the middle east's right to left reading countries. They were released in a few countries but never the UK anyway.

In short, calm down dear...