Tuesday, 8 September 2009

30CL over Toyko*

To London’s fashional erm Bridge for a tasting at The Rake of the much talked about(well in Scotland and by beery types) beer BrewDogs Tokyo* . The idea of the night was a taste (1/3 of a pint) of this extreme stout and then to have some lower alcohol beers etc.

So what did taste like ? Well it’s a strong stout like an Russian Imperial or Nigerian export Guiness and it has some strong fruity flavours and also a notable alcohol burn in the throat. I would have liked some cheese etc to go with it. As to causing binge drinking well I had 2 halfs of Duval green and a Vietnamese meal afterwards (Song Que rules) and was home in time for the Wire (blimey what an episode!!).
Tokyo* won’t be to everyone’s taste and you couldn’t drink enough it to get mashed on it anyway it’s £6 a half and too flavourful to swig down. The Rakes a top place for beer.

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Cocktails said...

I can't help but be dubious about a beer inspired by 'a 1980s Space Invaders type game played in Japan's capital'... and 18.2% ABV!!!!