Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sad news

Keith Floyd 2009-1943

Not amazed to hear Keith had died although I thought he was older. He obviously a complex character and was probably hellish to be around by all accounts. But many people who do inspiring things aren’t angels and KF inspired me (in part) to start cooking and enjoying food. His early shows were great unlike anything on TV at the time his effect was so great that while it was affordable monk fish was found on our table done as in “gigot” ala Keith.

A lot has been made of his drinking on screen but watch how much they knock back on Saturday Kitchen and Oz Clarke and James May have spent several series stocious in what looks like a slightly farty camper van and they will be getting another series.

Anyway what people like KF bring to life is some joy some excitement some incitement. So I’m off to think about making something good for tea.

Ps. You often see his books in charity shops they are worth purchase as they are a really good read and full of good stuff to eat.

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