Monday, 28 September 2009

Tat roadshow

"This week we are in historic crystal palace...."

Lovely day yesterday spent the time wandering round Crystal Palace. Just a heads up on few things to do there.

We went to museum of Crystal Palace which is a good if quirky exhibition with loads of excellent pictures of the CP's history. It's a little sad the loss of the palace as it had some amazing things and until recently it's treasures have been undersold. There's pictures of it at it's prime surounded by a whole town of "coney island" style fun fair booths and statues looked incredible and there was also incredible fireworks oh and a rampaging stuffed elephant..

The other hidden gem is Hayneslane market which is a Tat (sorry collectibles) fans wonderland a little twisty series of antique places all of which seem to have a box of vinyl anda shelf of toycars and headless dolls. I got the Jose Feliciano live album (which I didn't have), so if you are in the area on the days it open it's well worth a wander round we went to White Hart for a pint and some snap (the snap was a bit tardy but worth the wait).
Between us we came up with the tongue twister of the day:

Temporary Tapering Topiary Tapir
What did everyone else do?


Cocktails said...

Is the Crystal Palace museum at Crystal Palace? Did you see the dinosaurs?

I stayed local and went to the Vestry House Museum up the road to see an exhibition on the dog track. It was very sad indeed.

BLTP said...

we went to see the other day friends have just moved there). The museum is at the top of the park on Penge hill(?). What's happening with the dog track has it been knocked down yet?

Cocktails said...

Aren't there a bunch of concrete dinosaurs made by crazy scientists in the 1800s?

The dogtrack is, as expected, just sitting there neglected. It was meant to be developed into posh flats but the recession has put paid to that. There might be some hope for it.

BLTP said...

sorry c/m was being pixish here's my pic of the boring none plastic concrete dinosaurs

Cocktails said...

that's the one!