Sunday, 6 September 2009

Dawn of Space Age

Dawn of Space Age
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Big Screen Weekend:

Went to the flicks twice this weekend had some catching up to do.

First was MOON by Duncan Jones which is really good a simple cheaply but well made scfi thriller set on the moon. Excellent simple twisty story.

There's been some talk of cheap effects but I loved the Space 1999 style lunar models, that's what the moon looks like!
Sam Rockwell is excellent as the only actor! If you've not already I think you should catch it.

Next up and down to earth with a bump is The Hurt Locker by Katherine Bigelow who's always great at action . This one is set in Iraq and about UXB squad and is tense as F*CK. Excellent small cast and well done full on action. Not as comic book as some of her other films.Again if you like action I should check it out.

Weird addendum: Came out the flicks slightly wired from the tense scenes to find it all go on in the Middle of Greenwich, a guy rolling around on the floor claret every where. Fortunately I think it was old wound on his calf that had opened up and his mates where helping him but it was a bit intense.
Had to have long walk down my the river in moon light to blow away the Adrenalin!

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Mondo said...

I'm really buzzed for Moon,so glad it's goody. Have you seen Shadow of the Moon - I watched it last nigght - incredible!! But I wish I'd seen it before reading Moondust, as I'm finding it a bit of a slog. Moonwalk 1 is next on the list..

PS picked up a reggae version of Stars Wars theme last week - I may upload when I finish Moondust