Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Nine Nine Nine
Just remember it will be 9 secs past 9 mins past nine on 9th of the 9th 09 today. Or 999999. Last time this century for single digit fun like this. I'm off to use up my lomo 9 shot camera and do nine great things and listen to nine great songs and watch England win 9 nil and generally behave like a 9 years old.


KC said...

Hey, there. When I saw your photo and the reference to 999 I thought it might be your Talisman from the website which is some kind of promotion for the movie '9' that will be released in the United States on Sept 9, 2009 (which for me has not yet arrived).
Anyway I got one of those Talismans on my blog and it is rather neat and you'll see why I thought you grid of 9 pictures was another one of those Talismans.

ally. said...

how'd it all go ?

Anonymous said...
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