Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sunny Goodge Street

Out and about .....
.......yesterday , it was such a lovely day, wandered into the British Museum but have to admit to just sitting and people watching in the great court mostly then pottered around until ended up on Goodge st for a pizza and a pint.

A sunny evening and London's endless parade of good and bad luck helped break my cabin fever and Eyoreness, my lucks never been as bad as the guy wearing a sandwich board for a sex shop (nobody did "ask him for directions" all the time I was there).

And for the price of a snifter "none of the fancy stuff it's wasted on me" an old guy in a very nice shawl collared western shirt told me some tall tales about about old Fitzrovia. I can't remember my first day at work but it didn't involve being flashed by Shirley Bassey and getting locked inside a wardrobe with 3 dancers.

Here's a slightly gloomy dutch lass singing that old teller of tales Donovan's eponymous tune.
Lisebeth List :Drai Weer Bij (Sunny Goodge st)

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