Monday, 3 September 2007

..and the sex pistols on a&m....

Vinyl collecting: The search continues.
In his book "Achtung Schweinhund!" on war gamming Harry Pearson talks about the dream all collectors have of finding a little shop full of your dream finds and it's going for pennies (he then turns it into a nightmare as he can't find the shop after going to ATM for some cash!)
I found this excellent deleted scene from High Fidelity which is the vinyl collectors versions. enjoy!


Rob said...

that's brilliant. the closest i've ever come to that is in South Africa. Went to Johanesburg and Durban with Faithless and spent the majority of the time buying stacks of LPs in the numerous charity shops. It seems that all the old settlers bought over hundreds of pieces of vinyl from 1964-1978 then just got bored of them all. Found great soundtracks, folk, French chanson, loads of jazz, spoken word stuff and all of it laughably cheap... Happy days!

BLTP said...

It's really good isn't it, I know several people who would be blown away by "Ellen Griswald" answering the door let alone rare stax singles.