Friday, 21 September 2007

Stephen Fry Non- PC

The Mac Daddy
Found my way to a blog piece by Stephen Fry on smartphones. It’s a long post which highlights that “Britain National treasure no 12” has gone through geekery and is well into being a spod/boff when it comes to technology.

One thing does raise its head is that Mr Fry is a militant Apple user (he claims to have bought the second one in Britain, which is a fun thing to do, I’m going to claim to have bought the 1st swatch watch in Britain, there that was easy).
Amongst his usual rhetorical style all that gushing, gilded, "seize the day stuff "he does are quite a few digs at Microsoft and Pc users.

"it's stadtler or nothing sir or I will black your eye"

Now the on going PC V Mac debate is strange and seemingly unique, where else do people argue about tools so much? Does it kick off between Peter Blake and David Hockney over which HB pencil to use? I know golfers can be kit heads but do you really want to align ones self with checked trousered buffoons?

I know that Mac owners think of themselves as cooler than the rest of us, but this is in its self contradictory, if you are an enlightened, creative, expressive being why do you need to feel cooler than your fellow man surely this is the height of shallowness.

The sad thing is, this is mainly just marketing the difference between most computers is small; most people use barely a 10% of their models potential. Most of my work colleagues could get by of 1997 models easily.

"0h snap, I'm not making a film either"

If computers, Macs in particularly are full of creative packages to unleash our hidden talents, why is Youtube full of stuff off the telly? Where are the homemade films, musicals, operas, dramas, paintings, animations? Stephen Fry (writer, director, comedian, and actor) has a house full of kit why isn’t his next film made at home with a few of his actor mates?

The sad things is Mein Kampf could have just as easily written on a Mac or a Pc, buying any bit of kit doesn’t make you anymore creative than you were before. Most Macs like most pcs are used to update face book pages and buy crud of eBay.

Oh and even though if you read only stuff off the net you’d think Bill Gates is the next Pol Pot, he may yet just eradicate malaria.

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