Friday, 21 September 2007


All the recent nonsense about the BBC , the names of cats, Liz Kershaw being in the news etc. Does bring up the value of the licence fee, it's £110 a year which seems a lot.. Contrast the cost however with certain podcasts, I use listen to Danny Bakers podcast but he wants to earn a shilling and has decided to charge. I haven't checked it out but it was going to be around £2 a week which for 5 x 50 min shows sounds good value (even with the toe curling David Kuo).
But it comes to a total of £104 a year (if Danny doesn't go on hoilday) that's without Match of the Day, the Today programme, the shipping forecast, gardeners world, comics Britannia, I'm sorry I haven't a clue, the freakzone, Nigella express, rick stein, newsnight, the occasional diverting foreign film , oh and Dr Who, Michael Palin, Claire Balding.......

Ps. Mr Baker always goes on about being free agent but it's interesting that only the BBC have ever found a format to truly display his undoubted talents, which he can now try to exploit via the web.

PPS. Bad luck for the Kershaws lately Liz in the doldrums, whilst Brother Andy seems to have gone off the rails in the Isle of Man.

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