Monday, 24 September 2007

Writing on the wall

More tolerance for Graffiti "artists" and Taggers in the paper.
Germain Greer is suggesting that we don't remove the tags etc but should go around giving them marks out 10! Top stuff Germaine another arty type promoting a way of life for everyone else that they don't want for themselves (much like her recent promotion of hi-rise living). I know it is partly a philosophical idea she's promoting and in her defence she does say most tag are rubbish. But frankly if you life in a walled off timber clad Essex's farmhouse and have a rural Australian property (and possibly a place in Tuscany), you shouldn't advocate that the rest of us have to life in graffiti daubed warrens.

Case in point my usually reasonably pleasant stairwell was defaced recently , some numbnuts left the door open and the local nere do wells sat smoking (and burning the carpet) on the stairwell, before leaving they wrote "newcross are fuck" on the wall. I'm assuming Germaine would suggest that we didn't get it cleaned off but in red pen I should give it a mark, in this case for grammar and poetic content. She compares taggers to prehistoric wall art, the difference being (as far as I can see) that our ancestors painted the walls of their caves with common consent. Would it be right for taggers to add their marks to aboriginal wall art?


s said...

I just setting off to draw a big spunking cocks all over Ayers rock...

Been trying to work out how to draw a txt msg version of one for a while now, can anyone improve in this?...


BLTP said...

make sure you add a shark fin a swastika,and a front bottom
hows this one!
now go and wash your hands

s said...




Formatting playing up no the swastika, hence +s to get the spacing right...