Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Things we learned from tonights telly.
I was wrong about mushy pea canapés as Nigella knocked up what she insisted on calling avocado houmous, but was really mushy pies on rye bread.
The other things we learned was she seems to have a girls night in with what looked like 3 19 year old students ! Also she can’t cook a steak.

It's great when you are straight:

Saw Shaun Ryder on the Factory Records documentary and when he's not smacked out of his gourd he's a funny coherent raconteur , may be the drugs didn't work.

Later across town in a tv studio

The excellent comics Britannia hit a few bum notes. I know time is short in these programmes but 2000AD, a comic which has been going for 30 years deserved more than 15 mins coverage, just showing Judge Dredd really narrowed the view of it’s influence.
I think Alan Moore deserved his own programme. That way we could have had more space for other artists. Lastly an overview of British comics that doesn’t even mention Neil Gaiman in passing is like a Uk film round up not mentioning Hitchcock, very odd indeed.
Oh and did the Beeb get Charles Shaar Murray as a block booking?

On the whole a really good series and a good introduction for those less in the know (unlike spods like me). The best thing was seeing the artists themselves talk about their work and the work that inspired way in simple enthusiastic ways .

Ps: Alan Moore should get a gig reading on the revamped jackanory.


John said...

They did mention Sandman in passing (and show a cover shot).

I think they did a good enough job considering they were only given three hours to do it. Really, the subject needs at least twice that time to do it justice.

BLTP said...

It must have whizzed passed as I missed it. I agree the series was good much better than the film and rock one's recently. I just thought not mentioning Neil Gaiman in a meaningful way was a big omission. The defence that he writes mainly in/for America doesn't stand up as Alan Moore has worked mainly for publishers in the states (with a few expception) recently. Gaiman's work is full of a British sensibilty/folklore. Like I say a very good series but a few tweaks and it would have been even better.

Planet Mondo said...

I missed most of it too, I'm sire it'll be repeated though. I hope Leo Baxendale got the credit he desereved. He's the Spike Milligan of UK Comics

BLTP said...

Mr Mondo
Yep, the first one in the series on beano had long interviews etc with Baxendale as well the other pioneers of the Beano and the Dandy

al_uk said...

It must be the teacher in me but your spelling mistakes are wonderful. I saw the episode of Nigella but missed the mushy pies [sic] on rye bread..... That must be the ultimate at Barnsley dinner parties...we've all heard of the pie sloppy and the meat pie butty but now I know what the upper classes around here are eating...

Anonymous said...

I think he really deserve to have his own show.