Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Let's go for the burn...

Leaner, fitter, faster movies

I was trying to sign up for a preview screening for the new Joy Division film, and had to fill in a questionnaire, as it was for cinema events there was a list of film genres to tick: sc-fi, thrillers, comedy, Bollywood etc all fairly predictable except the one at the bottom which was “Fitness”.
Putting aside the fact that most cineastes can be rather sedentary, what on earth is a “fitness” film? Racking my brains I can only think of Jaime Lee Curtis in “Perfect” (1985) which was a graphic expose of her fantastic legs… sorry “the torrid world of the early 80’s LA gym/dating scene” oh and the more recent “Run Fat Boy Run”. Hardly enough to make a genre, that’s unless anyone can think of anymore (shall we exclude obvious sporting movies)?

Ps. I think Perfect’s appeal had less to do with “fitness” and more to with being an extended opportunity to “marvel” at JLC’s “physique”.

Slightly chilling P.P.S I’ve just thought there aren’t people going to preview screenings of Kerry Katona’s new Pizza and line dancing workout video are there!?

Oh and another thing: Just seen the Plot Keywords on IMDB for Perfect.
They are “Male Nudity / Tape Recording / Female Nudity / Laptop Computer / Stripper more “

It’s a while since I’ve seen the film and my attention (if I’m honest) wasn’t on the plot but did a film made in 1984 really feature a lap top computer? You’d think “leotard”, “aerobics” and possibly “back lit lingering shower scene” might feature higher than “tape recording”.


al_uk said...

One suspects that "fitness" movies refers to those millions of DVDs that come out near Christmas ready for the annual craze of new year slimming, something you or I know nothing about

BLTP said...

I think you protest too much, I bet your copy Linda Lousardi- "Yogasize Bikini workout" is worn thin!

al_uk said...

Call on me eric prydz video *wink*

Anonymous said...

Well, you thought wrong, there were people who attended the preview screenings of Kerry Katona.