Wednesday, 5 September 2007

More Bona VT

Another good programme on the BBC4’s “Hidden lives” strand, “Andrew and Jeremy Get Married... “ about (obviously) an ageing gay couple in the run up to their civil union. It followed two older men with quite different life experiences and backgrounds, whose relationship on the outside looked quite unbalanced but seemed to work for them. One of them Jeremy came from a boho academic background (all Latin graces and Hanif Kureshi popping round on Christmas Day) the other Andrew (aren’t names revealing) a former drug addict and bus driver who came from a world of out of town council semis and cider drinking.
An altogether fascinating film. It showed the ordinariness of other peoples lives and that whether we are gay or straight we still all have to endure overcast stilted barbeques, tedious tube journeys and making small talk with our other half’s friends.
The only minor issue I have was that to tie in with wedding theme the filmmakers used a curlicue “nuptial” font for the captions, that made particularly the post credit “what happened next” card impossible to read in the time allowed, but like I say a minor quibble,

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